Treatments, Consultations, Education and Training

Psychological Therapies

  • Individual psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Interpersonal social rhythm therapy
  • Behavioral activation
  • Psychoeducation
  • Life charting
  • Family counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

Biological Treatments

  • Medications for mood, anxiety or attention problems
  • Chronotherapeutic treatments. Chronotherapies are interventions that improve mood through action on circadian rhythms.  They include bright light therapy, dark therapy, melatonin, and sleep-wake cycle modification.  See more on this here.
  • Nutraceuticals:  dietary supplements, vitamins, antioxidants or other substances that are used to improve health and lessen symptoms of disease.

Consultations, Education and Collaborative Treatment

  • Consultations and 2nd opinions
  • Collaboration with non-medical therapists
  • Professional supervision
  • Continuing medical education courses for physicians

Specialty Programs

Psychiatric Chronotherapy

Rapid Treatment for Depression

A set of circadian rhythm-altering interventions that treat depression by adjustments of the sleep-wake cycle and daily light exposure. These include bright light therapy, dawn simulation, and wake therapy.

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Sleep Evaluation and Treatment Services: Comprehensive, circadian, cognitive, and behavioral evaluation and treatment of sleep problems.  This includes:  chronotype assessment, evaluation of circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and the use of chronobiologic (bright light therapy, melatonin, dark therapy, blue-blocking glasses) and cognitive-behavioral (cognitive behavioral treatment for insomnia, CBT-I) treatments.

Forensic Services: Comprehensive, medico-legal evaluations for psychiatric disability, worker’s compensation, fitness for duty and guardianship, as well as other civil (e.g. psychiatric malpractice, personal injury) and criminal (e.g. competencies, criminal responsibility, mitigation) matters.  More information on our Forensic Services »